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The 9th Press Conference by Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Xinjiang-related Issues in Beijing
2021-06-05 03:05

Bi Haibo: Friends from the media, good morning! Welcome to the 9th Press Conference on Xinjiang-Related Issue held in Xinjiang Mansion. Recently, some foreign hostile forces and anti-China forces have set up the so-called "Uygur Tribunal" in the UK. Given this, Xinjiang has something to say today to reveal the truth and answer your questions. Now, let's invite Xu Guixiang, spokesman of the People's Government of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, to introduce you the situation in Xinjiang.

Xu Guixiang: Friends from the media, good morning! Welcome to the 9th Press Conference on Xinjiang-Related Issue. I am Xu Guixiang, spokesman of the People's Government of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. To begin with, I would like to introduce the participants in today’s press conference, they are: Mr.Elijan Anayat, Spokesman of the People's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region; Yalkun Yakup, Deputy Director of Public Security Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region; Alimjan Abdirelim, Deputy Director of Health Committee of Hotan Prefecture, Xinjiang; Orgul Ashim, former teaching staff of vocational education and training center in Hotan County, Xinjiang; Abilikim Dawut, a graduate of vocational education and training center in Hotan County, Xinjiang.

We learn that the so-called British “Uygur Tribunal” set up by the US and Western Anti China forces in collusion with "East Turkistan" organizations such as the “World Uygur Congress”, will hold a so-called "hearing" in the near future, shamelessly "hearing" the non-existent "genocide" in Xinjiang, in an attempt to label Xinjiang as "genocide". How absurd is it that an illegal court holds "hearing" on a lie. Such behavior is trampling on the international laws, which is not only the disrespect to the true victims of “genocide” but also serious provocation to 25 million people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. Thus we strongly condemn and despise such behavior.

First of all, I would like to invite Mr.Elijan Anayat to introduce the so-called "Uygur Tribunal".

Mr.Elijan Anayat: The so-called "Uygur Tribunal" was set up by some western anti-China politicians and lawyers in collusion with the "World Uygur Congress", is not at all the "judicial organ" or "judicial procedure" as we all understand it. The trial of the so-called "China's genocide" by such a pseudo court is nothing but a clumsy trick in the guise of law, trying to draw attentions. With the guise of so-called “Tribunal”, it tries to tell lies to people so as to attack and discredit Xinjiang and interfere in China's domestic affairs.

There is no legal basis for the founding of the “Uygur Tribunal”. Strict legal foundation is needed for establishment of legal international juridical institutions. According to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, International Law, Customary International Law and other related cases, the Crime of Genocide, being the most serious international crime, requires authoritative and strict legal procedure before declared. Since the birth of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, most cases of genocide are mostly determined by the International Court of Justice established in accordance with the Convention or the Special Court authorized by the United Nations Security Council. The "Uygur Tribunal" was just founded by people with ulterior motives, there is no seriousness and authority about it at all.

As it is stipulated in the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, case of genocide is under the jurisdiction of the competent court of the country of occurrence, or it is subject to the International Criminal Court of the State Party who accepts the jurisdiction. A few national courts have also conducted trials against genocide that happened in its own country. Otherwise, no country, organization or individual is rightful or qualified to define genocide of other countries. Being an illegal organization set up by western anti-China politicians, lawyers and “World Uygur Congress”, the “Uygur Tribunal” has no right to hold a “hearing”, no mention its attempt to define a serious international crime. Such behavior is not only the slander and provocation to Xinjiang, China, but also a violation against international law. What is more, it is openly desecrating all the victims of genocide in history.

The “Uygur Tribunal” still remains illegal even from the nongovernmental organizations’ point of view. According to laws of England, the establishment and operation of the relevant courts are under the jurisdiction of Charity Act 2011, which stipulated “Promoting human rights, resolving conflicts or achieving reconciliation or improving religious or racial harmony or equality and diversity” as one of the benefits of charity. The “Uygur Tribunal” declares to investigate the “continuous atrocity and possible genocide” that Chinese government forces on Uygur people, which seems to be in accordance with charity goals of the Charity Act 2011(Charities Act 2011) and the Tribunal seems to be the legal organizations. However, the authenticity of its goal is questioned and the Tribunal is lack of the constitution and Trusteeship Council that a legal organization should have been equipped with. So the “Uygur Tribunal” cannot meet the registration requirements stipulated in the Charity Act 2011(Charities Act 2011) as a “charity” organization, nor does it receive any financial support from government, which is also a “charity” organization should have received in accordance with the law. So we can conclude that the “Uygur Tribunal” is by no means a organization admitted by UK laws. Such false tribunal is in fact a commercial institution, the suffix of the domain name of its website(“https://Uygurtribunal.com/”) has exposed it. It is nothing but a manipulated non-governmental organization that runs for profits.

The “Uygur Tribunal” was established to slander Xinjiang so as to interfere with China’s domestic affairs. The “president” of the “Uygur Tribunal” Jeffery Niss has been emphasizing that “we must exert pressure if we want to draw attention”, which has exposed the his evil intention of spreading rumors to cause troubles. However, ridiculously, the “Tribunal” has only 1 thousand or so followers on Twitter with no more than 10 likes for its tweets. People cannot help doubting the authentic of the 1 thousand followers. Here comes something even more comical: After receiving 235 thousand pounds from the “World Uygur Congress”, the “Tribunal” decided to raise another 50 thousand pounds from the society. However, it only received 7 thousand pounds or so in 3 months from February 20 to May 20 in 2021. So we can see how awful these clowns are in the eyes of the public. Being an informal “Tribunal” as well as a nongovernmental organization controlled by terrorists, the “Uygur Tribunal” goes so far as to discredit Xinjiang and interfere with China’s domestic affairs. Such behaviors will definitely runs into disagreement of people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

Xu Guixiang: As a matter of fact, just like Mr.ElijanAnayat mentioned, the so-called “Uygur Tribunal” is lack of both legal basis and force of international laws according to the relevant conventions of international laws and international criminal laws. So any judgement and ruling of the “Tribunal” is worthless. All the so-called “Uygur Tribunal” has done is conducting “presumption of guilty” and then fake the evidences. What they really care about is to find means to slander and split Xinjiang regardless the truth or people in Xinjiang. The so-called “witnesses” in their mouth are no more than those “actors” that have appeared many times. We have exposed and criticized the “actors” for times. Now, let us review their ugly intentions and clumsy performance again. The first one is Shayilaguli Shawutibayi.

Now, let us invite Mr.Yalkun Yakup, Deputy Director of Public Security Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, to give us a introduction about Shayilaguli Shawutibayi.

Yalkun Yakup: Shawutibayi first claimed herself as a teacher in a vocational education and training center, but soon she became a “victim of the vocational education and training center” with the help of anti-China forces. Then she withdrew her previous remarks and declared she had been kept in the “concentration camp” , “suffering from tortures and medical experiment” and “forced to eat pork”.

But the truth is Shayilaguli Shawutibayi is a woman born in Zhaosu, Xinjiang in 1976. She held the post as the principal of Center Kindergarten in Chahanwusu Village, Zhaosu County of Ili in April, 2016. Then on March 19, 2018, she worked as a teacher of a primary school in Chahanwusu Village, Zhaosu County if Ili. However, she crossed the border illegally on April 5, 2018. Shayilaguli Shawutibayi has never been in the vocational education and training center at all, no matter as a student or a teacher. What is more, she was cast off by people for moral degeneration and suspected crimes. First, she is suspected of illegally crossing the national borders. On April 5, 2018, Shayilaguli Shawutibayi left China’s territory illegally, which has been defined as suspected crime of illegally crossing national borders. Second, she is suspected of committing the crime of loan fraud. On the day of June 23, 2015, Shayilaguli Shawutibayi borrowed a loan from the Chahanwusu Credit Cooperative of the Rural Credit Cooperative in Zhaosu on the excuse of buying a house. She deceived a teacher named Kulaixia Muerxiali to be her surety so she could borrow a loan of 80 thousand yuan with a repayment period of 10 years. However, when she went to the rural credit association for guarantee contract, she rewrite the amount of the loan as 200 thousand yuan. And the signatures of the co-surety Saishanbieke Dawulieti (husband of Kulaixia Muerxiali) and the co-debtor Wuwali Silamu (husband of Shayilaguli Shawutibayi) were both fake. Even the workplace certificate needed for the contract was fabricated. On the day of November 30, 2016, Shayilaguli Shawutibayi borrowed a loan of 270 thousand yuan again from the Chahanwusu Credit Cooperative of the Rural Credit Cooperative in Zhaosu on the excuse of buying a house. She deceived a teacher named Batemengke Xibai from Center Primary School of Chahanusu to be her surety so she could borrow the loan with a repayment period of 10 years. And the house purchasing contract Shayilaguli Shawutibayi provided to the rural credit cooperative was fake too. The 2 loans mentioned above amounted to 470 thousand yuan in all, which was all imported in her overseas husband’s account in batches. There is still an debt of 398 thousand yuan unpaid. And Shayilaguli Shawutibayi has fled abroad illegally on April 5, 2018, which proved that she has no intention of paying back the debt. Thus she is suspected of committing the crime of loan fraud. Third, Shayilaguli Shawutibayi is of moral degeneration with full of lies. Shayilaguli Shawutibayi claimed that she had graduated from medical university and worked as a doctor. But she was just in fact a student who attended nursing class in a nursing school in Ili, Xinjiang; Then she declared that she had given Chinese classes in vocational education and training center, but actually she had never worked in there. Fourth, Shayilaguli Shawutibayi is gainful and thus disdained by people. When she was the principle of the Center Kindergarten of Chahanwusu in Zhaosu,Shayilaguli Shawutibayi took advantages of her position to acquire performance bonus and violated teachers’ interests. So all her colleagues clapped and cheered when she was removed from her position. What is more, before crossing the broader, Shayilaguli Shawutibayi persuaded her sister to buy her car with a loan of 45 thousand yuan. But Shayilaguli Shawutibayi never transferred the ownership of the car to her sister. That is why her sister feels angry about it and shamed to be associated with Shayilaguli Shawutibayi. Fifth, Shayilaguli Shawutibayi has abandoned herself to vice. Duman Jiaoledebieke, lover of Shayilaguli Shawutibayi, said “ She told me that she had a bad relationship with her husband, that she liked me and wanted to marry me after divorce. It never occurred to me that she lied to me and fled abroad. I was heart-broken. But soon I heard that she kept romantic relationship with many men. Now I hate her, she has betrayed my country, she has hurt me and everyone.”

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Xu Guixiang: The second is Guzila Awaerhan. Now, let us invite Mr.Elijan Anayat to give us an introduction about Guzila Awaerhan.

Elijan Anayat: Guzila Awaerhan declared herself to be “the detainee of the concentration camp”, witnessing the harsh conditions in the concentration camp. She said single women and widows were raped there, which is completely nonsense.

Guzila Awaerhan is a woman born in Yining County, Xinjiang in 1979. Guzila Awaerhan had committed malicious default on debt. As far as we know, Guzila Awaerhan and her villagers borrowed a loan of 40 thousand yuan from Yining Rural Credit Cooperative “a joint guarantee of 5 people” in 2013. Then the loan is due, and she never pays back the interests. So Guzila Awaerhan was included in the bank’s blacklist. And Guzila Awaerhan is of bad morality. She said in the interview of The Globe and Mail that her life goal was to bring up her children. However, the truth is on the contrary. Guzila Awaerhan has never given birth to any child and she has been cold to her 3 step daughters of her third husband. And she even tried to persuade her step daughters to pay her debts after she fled abroad. She lied again recently, saying her “ son was missing on November 11, 2011. And he was sold to a Chinese woman when found 4 months later”, which is totally a pack of lies! Guzila Awaerhan so-called son named “Ayisini Tuersunjiang” was in fact her step son, who was born in February 2009. And he is the natural son of Guzila Awaerhan’s third husband Tuersunjiang Yishanaili. Tuersunjiang Yishanaili and Guzila Awaerhan got married on June 23, 2011. And the step son died of illness on August 20, 2018. The kid was raised by both Tuersunjiang Yishanaili and Guzila Awaerhan, and the death of the kid happened exactly when Guzila Awaerhan was the stepmother.

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Xu Guixiang: The third on is Tuersunnayi Ziraodeng. Next, we continue to invite Mr. Elijan Anayat to introduce the relevant information about Tuersunnayi Ziraodeng

Elijan Anayat: Tuersunnayi Ziraodeng never returns to China after she fled abroad on September 26, 2019. What is more, she fabricated her identity as a “victim of the concentration camp”, lying that “she was forced to accept irreversible birth control operation” and the “women captured in vocational education and training center will either accept surgical sterilization or take medicine that stops menstruation.”

But the truth is Tuersunnayi Ziraodeng has been conducting the worst behaviors, lying and living a decadent life. She made up lies about herself and vocational education and training center so as to acquire “political asylum”. First, there is inconsistent in Tuersunnayi Ziraodeng’s lies. She said in BBC’s interview this year that she was put on the ground and kicked on the stomach by policemen in the vocational education and training center. And she almost fell down in a faint. However, she indicated later in the interview of Buzzfeed of America that she had “suffered no beat or abuse”. Then she claimed that she had been imprisoned from January to June in 2019, but her passport was issued on March 13, 2019. According to the stipulations, one must be present in person to apply for a passport. So how can Tuersunnayi Ziraodeng apply for the passport when she was imprisoned. Second, there has been no medical record that proves Tuersunnayi Ziraodeng has accepted the sterilization. Third, Tuersunnayi Ziraodeng is a compulsive liar. With the help of someone else’s urinalysis, she concealed the truth that she cannot have children. Before getting married with Tuersunjiang Ahemaitijiang, Tuersunnayi Ziraodengwas found living a profligate life. So Tuersunjiang Ahemaitijiang tried to break up with her. But Tuersunnayi Ziraodeng threatened to committed suicide with pesticide. It was because the rescue came in time that she survived. Tuersunjiang Ahmatijiang had no choice but to marry her in May, 2002. After marriage, Tuersunnayi Ziraodeng failed to have pregnancy, which resulted in family dissension. So she falsely claimed her pregnancy with the help of her pregnant neighbor Tajiguli Ahbulajiang’s urinalysis. The family believed and tried to bring her to county hospital for medical examination. But Tuersunnayi was afraid that her lie would fall through, so she escaped on the way to hospital. Finally, Tuersunjiang Ahemaitijiang and Tuersunnayi Ziraodeng got divorced in May, 2005. Fourth, Tuersunnayi Ziraodeng is naturally lascivious, keeping amour with someone else besides her husband. She got married with her current husband Halimuzha Halike on June 4, 2008. However, after the husband left China on May 23, 2017, Tursunnay began the amour with Yimamutai Tanjiang, keeping multiple cohabitation records.

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Xu Guixiang: The fourth actor is Duolikun Aisha. Now, let us invite Yalkun Yakup, Deputy Director of Public Security Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, to give us a introduction of relevant information about Duolikun Aisha.

Yalkun Yakup:The head of “World Uygur Congress” Duolikun Aisha has been fabricating Xinjiang related lies in the international society for a long time, but his lies were denied by facts every time. And now he “suddenly changed his identity” to be a “victim of the concentration”, fabricating lies about himself and his family. He falsely claimed that his “family members had been imprisoned” and “mother died in the reeducation center”, which is really shameless to say that.

The truth is Duolikun Aisha has never returned to China after he crossed the border and joined the “East Turkistan” in May 1994. But all his relatives are living a normal life. Duolikun Aisha’s mother Ahyihan Maimaiti died of endometrial cancer and chronic leukemia despite the emergency rescue efforts from People’s Hospital of Aksu. When Lady Maimaiti passed away, her relatives had been taking care of her, and doctor had been exercising rescue. Now Ailikun Aisha, how can your mother rest in peace when you national traitor speaking lies all day long?

Duolikun Aisha is not so-called “victim of reeducation camps” but in fact a terrorist with hand stained with blood! In the year of 1993, Duolikun Aisha set up the terrorist organization named “East Turkistan Justice Party” with Aisha Yushan and other terrorists. According to the public security organ, there were 115 members in this organization, and they had conducted many terrorist activities. For example, the organization slaughtered innocent masses around Wuyi Reservoir in Wushi County, Aksu on June 7, 1993; and on July 18, 1994, the organization committed 5 successive cases of criminally caused explosion and killed people with knives, the Office Building of Xinhe County, the Bridge of Tuokexiake Village in Yiqili Country of Xinhe County, the Office building of Metrology Department in Aksu suffered terrorist attacks one after another; and on August 3, 1994, the organization caused explosion in the stadium in Xinhe County.

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Xu Guixiang: The next one is Tuersunbieke Habi. And I will introduce you the situation about him.

Tuersunbieke Habi is a 47-year old man living in Emin County, Tacheng Prefecture. He is suspected of fleeing abroad and exceeding the time limits of return. Thus he was questioned in accordance with the law, but removed from suspicion the very same day. The public security organ has never adopted compulsory measures on him, and he has never been in the vocational education and training center. Tuersunbieke Habi’s declaration about “being imprisoned” , “suffering from cruel tortures” and “forced to take medicine” is nothing but a pack of lies.

The relatives and friends of Tuersunbieke Habi indicate that he is a man of no credit. Tuersunbieke Habi just tells lies after lies and will choose profits over moral principles. His nephew Hatibieke Talehati indicated that Tuersunbieke Habi had been living in his house before fleeing abroad. And Tuersunbieke often went out and had fun with his friends, which means he has never been imprisoned. His another nephew Jiasaerati Rehemietuola said that Tuersunbieke told lies a lot, people of the whole pasture knew that. And they have never heard the news that Tuersunbieke has been imprisoned. Besides, the wife of one of Tuersunbieke’s friends told us that Tuersunbieke Habi talked her husband into being his surety in 2018 for a loan of 10000 yuan. Now Tuersunbieke Habi is gone, and she and her husband will have to pay back the money. The second and third brother of Tuersunbieke boast 2063 mu of pasture in all, but Tuersunbieke is the one who took all the allowance of the pasture. What is worse is that the two brothers need to pay Tuersunbieke the fee for grazing on the pasture. It was only after multiple mediation from village cadres that Tuersunbieke allowed his brothers to graze on the pasture. So how can we trust Tuersunbieke Habi’s words since he even lies to his close relatives and good friends?

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Xu Guixiang: Now comes to Wumaier Baikeli, let us continue to invite Yalkun Yakup to give us a introduction about him.

Yalkun Yakup: Wumaier Baikeli is not a Chinese citizen. He claimed that he has been detained by the police in Xinjiang and put in the “reeducation camps”, where he suffered cruel tortures and was forced to change the Islamic customs. Besides, he said he was imbued with Chinese patriotism and his family was also kept in the “reeducation camp”.

However, the “persecution” that Wumaier Baikeli and his relatives suffered from Chinese government is nothing but lies and slanders. To begin with, Wumaier Baikeli had been under the investigation of the public security organ for suspicion of crime of organizing, leading and participating in terrorist organization from March 26, 2017 to November 24, 2017. The public security organ stated clearly that Wumaier Baikeli has been inciting, instigating and subsidizing others to join terrorist organizations. Besides, he even spent 22 thousand dollars on supporting the foreign “jhad” warriors in June, 2006. Secondly, the public security organ had been protecting Wumaier Baikeli’s rights in accordance with the law during the investigation. And on July 1, 2017, consular officers of the Embassy of relevant nation in China were even arranged for a consular visit to Wumaier Baikeli. Then on November 24, 2017, Wumaier Baikeli was released from compulsory measures and demanded to leave China within a time limit. On December 4, 2017, Wumaier Baikeli left China. Last, Wumaier Baikeli’s mother and siblings are all Chinese citizens who are now leading a normal life. But his father died of advanced liver cancer on September 18, 2018 despite the emergence rescue efforts.

Xu Guixiang: The seventh is Kalibinur Sidike. And we will invite Mr.Elijan Anayt, Spokesman of the People's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, to give us an introduction about Kalibinur Sidike.

Elijan Anayat: Kalibinur Sidike is from Urumqi. She began her work as a teacher in the 24th primary school of Urumqi in September, 1990, and retired on February 10, 2018. Then she left China on the excuse of visiting her daughter in October, 2019, and stays abroad since then. In order to achieve “political asylum”, Kalibinur Sidike fabricated her identity as a so-called “teacher from concentration camps” and joined anti-China forces to spread slanders against Xinjiang. As a matter of fact, she has never worked in vocational education and training center, and everything she says about the vocational education and training center is totally a lie. Kalibinur Sidike has been living a decadent life with terrible moral principles. It is learned that her husband has been suffering enough from the marriage life long ago, trying to get divorced with Kalibinur Sidike. It is just because Kalibinur Sidike is staying abroad that they cannot go through the divorce proceedings for now.

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Xu Guixiang: The eighth is Guli Bahar Jariri. Next, I would like to invite Mr.Yalkun Yakup, deputy director of the Public Security Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, to introduce the information of Gulibahar Jaliri.

Yalkun Yakup: Gulibahar Jaliri's self-proclaimed “experience of arrest" is completely out of nothing. It is nothing less than slanders. In fact, Guribal Jarri with Kazakhstan nationality was once held in criminal custody by police due to involvement in terrorist activities. She was remanded on bail by the police considering her application and the actual circumstances of the case. After that, she went abroad from Urumqi. During her detention for inquiry in the police office, all her rights were protected to the full. Her prison roommates have confirmed that her so-called “experience of arrest” was a complete lie. It is verified by investigation that Gulibahar Jaliri was a sponsored oversees terrorist. She ordered her Xinjiang translator, Hasima Habayi, to transfer 17140 yuan to East Turkestan-Islamic Movement (ETIM) member, Nurmeti Abra, by Wechat.

Here is the video.

Xu Guixiang: The ninth is Maihemuti Taiwaikuli. Next, I will continue to ask Deputy Director Yalkun Yakup to introduce the relevant situation of Maihemuti Taiwaikuli.

Yalkun Yakup: Maihemuti Taiwaikuli is from Yecheng County, Kashgar Prefecture, claims he suffered “cruel torture and abuse in prison”. What a gross nonsense! He has never been put in prison, neither has he ever been sent into any training center.

The truth is that Maihemuti Taiwai Kuli was a “East Turkistan” terrorist. He not only abandoned his wife and sons, but also refused to support his aged parents. He is nothing less than a depraved liar. The Public Security Department found by investigation that ever since February 2011, Maihemuti Taiwaikuli had been disseminating extreme religious thoughts by organizing illegal activities. He also held physical training exercise in preparation for carrying out terrorist attacks. In December 2013, he secretly sold his family’s property. He then illegally exited and joined in “East Turkistan” with the money, ditching his wife, parents and four teenage sons callously. His youngest son was only 7 years old then. After he left the country illicitly, his wife, without incomes, cannot help but move into her parents’ house. They were barely scraping by on subsistence allowance. A man who turned his back on his families now brazenly appeared as witness with his perjury in front of us. He is a shame to the title of husband and father.

Here is the video.

Xu Guixiang: The tenth one is Xiaohelaiti Wushouer. Next, I would like to invite Mr.Elijan Anayt to introduce the relevant information.

Elijan Anayat: Xiaohelaiti Wushouer was a journalist in the so-called Free Asia Radio Station. The station, authorized by US Congress, once flowed the blood of CIA. Now under the banner of non-profit private company, the station actually utilizes Congress’s annual appropriation, serving as an obstinate opponent against China. Driven by East Turkistan terrorists, Free Asia Radio Station begun broadcasting in Uygur language in October 1998. For the last two decades, the station’s Uygur section has been recklessly propagating Han-hatreds, independence-of-Xinjiang thoughts, terrorism, extremism. Our investigation reveals Xiaohelaiti Wushouer often imposters himself as government official, mislead and enticed innocent locals in interviews. He even abets residents to carry out violent attacks.

In October 1995, Xiaohelaiti Wushouer abandoned his then 3-year-old daughter and exited from China. Such move holds no trace of humanity at all. We also learnt that Xiaohelaiti Wushouer often bluffs and deceives in seeking profits. In September 1994, Xiaohelaiti collaborated with Abdushkul Nurra, the prime culprit of 7·14 terrorist explosion event, who was executed on death penalty already. They defrauded company located in Hainan of $ 30,000. Xiaohelaiti, a suspect of crime of fraud, is a downright swindler!

Xu Guixiang: The eleventh is Guli Bahar Maihamutijiang. Next, I would like to invite Deputy Director Yalkun Yakup to introduce the relevant situation.

Yalkun Yakup: Gulibahar Maihamutijan is a retired worker of Xinjiang Oilfield Engineering Technology Company. Her husband, Abduklim Hetiwaji, is the vice chairmen of World Uygur Congress’s French branch. He settled oversees under the camouflage identity of political refuge. An oversees book named Survivor of Guggara makes up the story of Gulibahar Maihamutijan being arrested and “persecuted in vocational education and training center” on her way back to Xinjiang.

In fact, Gulibahar Maihamutijan is a separatist and terrorist. Her self-proclaimed “undergoing” is a pure lie. She is infamous for her inferior moral, indolence and debauchery among her acquaintances. She was found and accused of adultery when she stayed in China. Can you believe such an incorrigible liar? Next, we will reveal her lies:

Lie 1: “Being cajoled into repatriating and arrested” On May 26,2006, Gulibahar Maihamutijan departed China to live abroad with her husband. On November, she applied to enter China on the ground of “break-time expired and return China to sign internal retirement contract with employing company”. After meticulous survey and with sufficient evidence, the police conduct the act of arresting Gulibahar Maihamutijan. Police holds evidence proving Gulibahar Maihamutijan of conduct crimes of secession and terrorism. Below are her main crimes: (1) Participating with her husband in secession parade organized by terrorist Duolikun Aisha in Urumqi. (2) In July 2009, Gulibahar Maihamutijan, together with her husband, colluded with the head of East Turkistan organization and schemed for anti-China parade in France in response to Urumqi “7·5 ” Event.(3) From 2009 to May 2016, Gulibahar Maihamutijan attempted for multiple times to catalyze terrorist attacks within the territory of China. In 2009, she returned China on visit-family permission, and agitated 7·5 Event. She tried in vain to provoke similar attacks in Karamay. Then the three of them entered China couples of times in attempt to enkindle more riots from July to August 2012, February to March 2014 and April to May 2016.

Lie 2: “Sentenced to re-educate for 7 years”. During the interrogation, Gulibahar Maihamutijan at first refused to tell the truth and then committed perjury to cover up her families’ crimes. After failing, she then put up a false front in order to divert the police’s attention and win their trust. Gulibahar Maihamutijan asserted that she had recognized her daughter and husband’s behaviors as detriment to the country, and felt regret for failing to reveal their maleficence in time. She even wrote a confessional letter. Given this, the police dropped the charge and rendered clemency to her.

Lie 3: “Hold in detention and maltreated” After obtaining clemency, Gulibahar Maihamutijan spent her time sightseeing and visiting relatives in Urumqi, Karamay, Ili and Altay. How come she get “arrested” and “tortured”? For humanitarian reasons, Gulibahar Maihamutijan was agreed to exit China to receive delivery care in spite of her criminal act. On August 21, 2019, Gulibahar Maihamutijan left China.

Lie 4: “I am not a separatist, and I have never took part in any political activities”. As a matter of fact, Gulibahar Maihamutijan is a member of World Uygur Congress and participates in secession and terrorism moves for a long time. Apart from the above crimes, she also committed: (1) Attending online meeting of World Uygur Congress in February 2021. After exiting from China, Gulibahar Maihamutijan forgot the lenience of the government and revive her nature of a separatist and terrorist. During the online meeting of World Uygur Congress on 15 February 2021, Gulibahar Maihamutijan was granted “Award of Courage”. “I cannot stand on thinking of the suffering of the Uygurs. I am going to write a book to publish their crimes. I think my book and other heroes who provide evidences will make a difference to the Uygurs by compelling Chinese government to relieve its persecution against the Uygur group and close the concentration camps” She declared at the meeting. (2) Inciting and organizing oversees "East Turkistan" members to launch anti-China parade. On 2 March, 2021, Gulibahar Maihamutijan shot a video to abet French women to join in anti-China demonstrations. In the video, she said, “All the female comrades in France, I am Gulibahar, a survivor of concentration camp. We all know that the Chinese government oppressed and massacred the Uygur ethnic groups. What Uygur women undergo is inhuman treatment that women across the world have never experiencing.” On 8 March 2021, Gulibahar held the flag of “East Turkistan” and launched anti-China parade. In the interview by a member of “East Turkistan”, she claimed “I have participated in two parades during my lifetime. The first was a student demonstration in Urumqi in 1985. Today on account of genocide in China, I take to the street and speak for the oppressed women in concentration camps”.

We’d like to ask Gulibahar Maihamutijan if you are not qualified for separatist or terrorist, who else are? You have taken part in secession march ever since 1985. It was you who instigate your daughter to wear East Turkistan flag and demonstrate against China, echoing 7·5 Event in Urumqi. From 2009 to 2016, you entered China multiple times and attempted to kindle riots. The government approved you to exit for humanitarian considerations. The moment you leave the land of China, your hideous face lays bare immediately. Who attended the online meeting of “World Uygur Congress” held on 15 May? Who provoked and organized anti-China parades by “East Turkistan” terrorists in France on 8 March? With the video proof, how can you disavow all those offences?

Now, please watch the following video.

Xu Guixiang: The 12th is Zaomure Dawuti. Now, please allow me to introduce the situation associated with her.

According to Zaomure Dawuti, she was investigated by the police department of Xinjiang because of her marriage with a man from Pakistan. She was kept in a vocational education and training center, claiming that she suffered from "brutal persecution". She "was forced to take contraceptive pills together with other imprisoned women", "was forced to accept sterilization" and "taken away the womb". She even "encountered the pork feast in her pairing relative's house". She also said that "her father died from multiple interrogations of the police according to her neighbors in Xinjiang" as well as that "I found the Chinese government established the forced ‘pairing’ policy and gave authority to the Han people to live with Uygur families. The Han people were desperately trying to sleep with us."

In actual fact, all the words of Zaomure Dawuti were lies. First of all, she never studied in an vocational education and training center. Her fifth brother Abuduheli.Dawuti said in a media interview that his sister had never been to vocational education and training center before. Second of all, she wasn't "forced to be sterilized". In March of 2013, when Zaomure Dawuti was giving birth to her third child, she signed the Paper of Voluntary Consent for Child-Birth which meant that she agreed to accept Caesarean section and ligation. After that, she took them in the hospital. She was not sterilized, let alone to say being taken away the womb. Third of all, her father was never kept under watch. Her fifth brother clarified that their father was living with his children normally and he was never "investigated" or "kept under watch". He was died of coronary heart disease. There's no any sense of what Zaomure.Dawuti said as "father died from multiple interrogations of the police". Fourth of all, what she claimed as" encountering the pork feast in her pairing relatives' house" was totally nonsense. The "pairing relative" mentioned by Zaoremu.Dawuti was her fifth brother's pairing relative Zhao Qilin. In January of 2018, Zhao Qilin invited Abuduheli Dawuti, along with his wife Horkez Ahematii, and his sister Zaomure Dawuti to his house and Zhao's mother cooked the meal for their guests. She was from Hui nationality and she ate Halal foods. There was not any chance of having "pork feast". During the meal, they even took photos to keep good memories. Fifth of all, the relative of Zaomure Dawuti in the "National Unity, One Family" was Zhang Li, but she had never "slept" with Zhang Li. Zhang Li, male, Han nationality, was born in 1960. He was a member of the Communist Party of China and originally a common cadre in Urumqi. He retired in July of 2020. In 2017, Zhang Li was paired with Dawuti family. He had never lived in their house because Zaomure.Dawuti was a woman and there couldn't be things like "sleeping together". Whenever it came to the festivals, Zhang Li would bring things like fruits and milks to pay a visit to Zaomure.Dawuti. When it was the birthday of her child, Zhang LI would also take the birthday cake to celebrate with them.

Now, please watch the following video.

Xu Guixiang: The 13th is Miriguli Tursun. Now, please allow Mr.Elijan Anayt,the spokesman of the government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, to introduce the situation associated with Miriguli.Tursun.

Elijan Anayat: What Miriguli Tursun said as "tortured by cruel punishments, sexual violence and forced sterilization as well as having children killed during the process of forced transfer" was all lies.

As a matter of fact, first of all, except for the 20-day criminal detention, Miriguli Tursun was totally free during her time in China. In April 21st of 2016(2017), she was detained for being suspected getting involved in encouraging ethnic hatred and discrimination by the police department of Qiemo County in Xinjiang. During this period, she was found to possess the contagious diseases like syphilis. Base on humanitarian consideration, the police department cancelled the enforcements on her on May 10th of 2017. From 2010 to 2017, she was travelling from and to for 11 times between China and other countries. Second of all, Miriguli Tursun had never studied in an vocational education and training center, let alone to say being forced to take medicines. She claimed to be injected drugs and medicines in the "concentration camp" to be sterilized. But, according to the investigation, there was no record showing any evidence of this. Her parents also said that she had the ability to give birth. Miriguli Tursun had said that her brother Ikber Tursun was tortured to death in the center. Upon hearing this lie, the "dead man" in her words immediately stated that "Miriguli was always full of lies. She has not only claimed my death, but also spread rumors about other people's deaths". Third of all, Miriguli Tursun's son didn't die while accepting treatments in Urumqi. One of her sons was diagnosed with diseases like pneumonia, hydrocephalus, right inguinal hernia. He was taken to the Children Hospital of Urumqi in Xinjiang for hospitalization from January 14th to 19th, May 6th to 12th and November 4th to 8th in 2016 separately by Miriguli Tursun and her family. In April of 2018, Miriguli Tursun and her husband took this child abroad. Fourth of all, we have found that "the stories of being imprisoned" of Miriguli Tursun, which have been reported for several times, have story lines of different kinds. (1) On Nov.13th of 2018, the content of "[Apple Daily] CPC's 're-educating' Uygur People Was Actually Cruel Persecution", which was published by The Free Asia Radio, revealed that in January of 2018 Mirigulim Tursun was imprisoned for 20 days. (2) On Nov.17th of 2018, in the video "This is Not the China that I Want: An Escape of A Uygur Woman", which was still published by the Free Asia Radio, the time of her imprisonment was 4 months long. (3) On March.27th of 2019, in "The Sufferance of Chinese Uygur Imprisonment Camps" published by the International Information Agency of U.S. Department of State, Miriguli Tursun was said to be imprisoned in January of 2018 and then released in April of 2018. This kind of "cover-blowing" is really ridiculous! It's the very evidence of her lies!

Now, please watch the following video.

Xu Guixiang: Another one is Shamsinur Wurpu. Now, please allow Alimjan Abdirelim, the vice director of the health committe of Hotan Region, to introduce the situation associated with Shamsinur Wurpu.

Alimjan Abdirelim: Shamusinur Wurpu was from Hotan City. From 1991 to 2004, she was a doctor in Lasque Health Center of Hotan City. From 2004 to 2010, she was a doctor in Irigi Health Center of Hotan City. In September of 2010 she headed abroad to Turkey and never returned after that. What she said as "Uygur women in Xinjiang was forced into birth control and sterilization" was completely nonsense and the absurd.

Shamusinur Wurpu said that "every doctor has to take away about 2,000 wombs each year. This is the policy of the government". Actually, our country has explicit regulations over the operation of taking away the womb. The operation must be carried out under the circumstance of personal willingness and it should have five common features of the operation: First, uterine leiomyoma should be bigger than 5 centimeters. Second, there should be uterine leiomyoma carcinoma. Third, the amount of bleeding should be bigger than 2,500 ml. Fourth, there should be cervical precancerous lesions. Fifth, there should be ovarian cancer. Anyone that has the slightest amount of medical common sense would know that every operation should at least cost 2.5 hours, and there should be at least 5,000 hours of operation according to her words that every doctor has to "take 2,000 wombs" each year. Calculating the time based on the fact that every doctor works 8 hours every day, it takes 625 days to finish all the operations. Given this, Shamusinur Wurpu was totally saying nonsense and telling lies.

Shamusinur Wurpu also claimed that "70% of the Uygur women in Hotan Prefecture have been taken away their wombs". So, let's take the year 2010 when she was off the country as an example, there were 986,086 women in Hotan prefecture in that year and there were 727,474 women above the age of 14 among all of them. According to her statement that "70% of women have been taken away their wombs", there should be 509,231 women that have accepted the operation. Now, calculating with the fact that "an operation should at least take 2.5 hour", to take away the wombs of 509,231 women would take 1,273,077 hours (namely 53,044 days or 145.3 years)! So, if all these operations are finished in one year, all the hospitals in the Hotan Prefecture have to operate 24 hours fully and they need to finish 1,395 operations within every single day. This is totally impossible. Shamusinur Wurpu's lie was truly ridiculous.

Xu Guxiang: In these days, many people have claimed to be once imprisoned in the vocational education and training center. They said that the students in the center were "taken away liver and kidney", "forced to be sterilized" and "forced to take the sterilization". Their purpose is to slander the work of vocational training in Xinjiang. And I have introduced to you for many times about what the vocational education and training center really looked like. Today we invite the teacher and the student from the old vocational education and training center in Hotan County of Hotan Precture. The teacher is Orgul Ashim, and her student who was a graduate student of the center, Abulikmu Dawuti. Please welcome this pair of teacher and student to introduce what the center really looked like.

Now, please allow Mrs. Orgul Ashim to introduce the situation first.

Orgul Ashim: My name is Orgul Ashim, and I'm a teacher of the old vocational education and training center in Hotan County of Hotan Prefecture.

As a teacher in the center, I deeply know that my students were once poisoned by the extreme ideologies of their religious extremism. They were thus made to have many wrong ideas and do many wrong things. In order to save them and help them reborn, I treated them as if they were my children. I educated them and guided them. I still remember the time when I was talking about "religious extremists are generalizing the halal concepts", one of my students had tears running down his cheeks. After the class, I called him to my office. We started our conversation from interests and hobbies, the future and the prospect, and the family situation as well. Gradually, I opened up his heart. It turned out that he considered her mother to cook not halal foods because she didn't do the prayers for five times in a week, and he hadn't eaten the meals cooked by her for one year. He didn't even pay a visit to his mother. He was self-blaming and regretful about this. Then, I told him many stories about family love and I guided him to get his mother's forgiveness by using practical actions. Later, he went home and admitted his mistake to his mother. He even cooked a soup rice for her. His mother was excited to tears and she forgave him as well. In the center, I carefully captured the emotional changes of the students and made communications with them honestly and faithfully through my heart. The students and I became friends that talked about everything, Some of them said that I was a "heart-knowing lady", and others said I was like "mother".

In study, I researched to the depth of the specialties of every student and I created the chances for them to show their talents while trying hard to encourage them. For example, some students had a good level of mandarin and I would make them "teachers" to lead other students to learn the common language spoken and written in our country. Some students could sing or dance, so in the cultural activities I would give them more chances to perform. It was exactly through the consistent encouragements and affirmations that they started to be positive and confident. In daily life, I started from the small things and influenced every student with genuineness and love. For example, when it was time for the birthdays of the students, we would throw birthday parties. I would also write them a few lines of blessings. Until now, some of the graduated students were still keeping my cards.

In the vocational education and training center, I had built deep relationships with the students. After graduation, we were always keeping in touch with one another. Some students often made calls to me and called me "mother". They told me to watch my health and maintain it properly. It was just last Sunday when several graduated students treated me with a meal. During that meal, we talked a lot of things about the center and everyone missed that time.

Some people abroad are saying that "male students were tortured and female students were sexually assaulted in the vocational education and training center". After hearing this, I could not sleep for several nights. I was feeling painful and angry because these rumors are the great insult and harm to the teachers and the students of our center. The vocational education and training center is a school and the staffs are the teachers. In the center, every right of the students have been highly respected and protected. We helped one another and stayed united just like a family. How could it be possible to say that there was torture and sexual assault? Those purposeful rumor-spreaders never visited the center and they didn't know anything about the real situation in it. They only spread nonsense all day long. Their action of slandering and spreading rumors is really, really shameful and abominable.

Xu Guixiang: Thank you, Mrs.Orgul Ashim. In the past time of working, I had also accompanied some foreign journalists to pay a visit to the educational(vocational education and training center where Mrs.Orgul Ashim once worked. We had also seen the work that she was doing and the situation of both study and life for students. The media had reported this, and I showed great respect to Mrs.Orgul Ashim's work. Now, please allow Abulikemu Dawuti, a graduate student from the center, to tell his real-life experiences.

Abulikim Dawut:My name is Abulikim Dawut, and I'm a student who has graduated from the vocational education and training center of Hotan County in Hetian Region. I'm also a student of Mrs. Abulikim Dawut. Now, I'm working as a countryside cadre in Hotan County, and let me tell you about the situation of my study and life back in the vocational education and training center.

In the center, we had six classes for each of the days from Monday to Friday. We mainly learned about things like the common language of our country, the legislative knowledge, the professional skills and the de-radicalization. We can make contacts with our families and friends. On Saturday and Sunday and national holidays we could have a rest. When we came back home, we could attend to religious activities as long as they were legal. The off-class activities we had were quite abundant. We had a library, an entertainment room and some interest classes. There were teachers teaching us to dance and sing. We used to hold basketball games, volleyball games, theatrical activities and some other activities alike. The school also had a medic room with the doctor staying in it 24 hours. They would cure us timely whenever we had headaches or colds or some other comfortable feelings in our bodies. The school highly respected our customs. The canteen provided us with free halal meals which were of different kinds and abundant nutrition at the same time. The teachers in the school cared about us and protected us just like part of their families. I still remember when I was sick, Mrs.Orgul Ashim was doing all she could to take good care of me. She even prepared a tasty cake for me when it was my birthday while wishing me the best. Mrs.Orgul Ashim was like a mother to me and she cared me to a high extent, which has left a quite unforgettable memory for the rest of my life. Now, I still called her "mother".

After graduation, I made good use of the skills that I learned in the vocational education and training center to get a job in an electrical equipment company with a monthly income of more than 5,000 yuan. The highest amount of my salary was more than 20,000 yuan. Later, I introduced more than 10 villagers to work in our company and they became the leading roles of making fortunes in the village. In April of this year, when it was the election of change of seats in the village's committee, the villagers voted me to be the vice director of the committee. From now on, I have to work harder and harder. I will strive hard with the whole committee in order to build our village into a more beautiful place and bring them a good life.

Xu Guixiang: These are all the contents that we wish to present to you. Now, I'd like to make a brief summary, which is also a restatement of our perspectives towards certain issues. The Anti-China forces in the America and the West has connected with the foreign "East-Turkistan" forces to create this ridiculous "Uygur Tribunal" in Britain, which is really absurd and their intention is very evil. All they wish to do is to frame the work of vocational skills training in Xinjiang as "concentration camp". They wish to connect it with "racial extinction", and they attach the blame of so-called "crime in the crime" to Xinjiang. This is very vicious. The related "actors" are making things out of void and they are full of lies. Their performance is very terrible and laughable. Here, I would like to stress some points.

The first is that there's no any "concentration camp" in Xinjiang. In August of 2019, the white paper on Vocational Education and Training in Xinjiang, which was published by the News Office of the State Department of the People's Republic of China, has made systematic explanation on the real background, legislative reference, the content of vocational education and training, the measures of management, the guarantee of human rights as well as the splendid effects of the vocational education and training efforts in Xinjiang. I recommend those who are concerned about Xinjiang issues to take a careful look at that white paper in which the work of vocational education and training has been systematically introduced. At the same time, the associated department has made the specific TV series. Lies and Truth-The Documentary of Vocational education and Training in Xinjiang. Besides, we have invited more than a hundred teachers and graduate students from the vocational education and training center to tell their real-life experiences in the press conference of Xinjiang related issues. They are the true witnesses. So, please don't get blinded by these so-called "witnesses" and "evidence".

The second is that the saying "the students of the vocational education and training center in Xinjiang have suffered from rape, sexual torture and cruel punishment" could not bear closer analysis. The center has strictly followed and practiced the constitution and the legislation of our country. It guarantees the basic rights of the students who have participated in the training and they are away from being violated. From the end of 2018 to the present, there have been more than 90 groups and more than 1,400 people from more than 100 countries and regions visiting the vocational education and training center, including some of the media sitting right here. Every time when people come to Xinjiang, they will definitely go to the vocational education and training center. They have seen the real situation of the center and fully affirmed its work and achievements. Anti-terrorism and de-radicalization is a worldwide problem. Xinjiang has made active exploration in this aspect. It can be said that a Chinese way of anti-terrorism and de-radicalization has been taken. In my opinion, some people in the West ignore the facts, so it's better to seriously think about whether the vocational education and training work in Xinjiang, the anti-terrorism and de-radicalization work in Xinjiang really have the situation as they said, where the success of this road lies, and what its reference significance to other countries in the world could be. In my opinion, this is a useful discussion and a real contribution to the areas around us that are facing the same problems. We should introduce our successful experiences and useful practices to the whole world.

The third is that it's fully imagination that "the vocational education and training center of Xinjiang has forced sterilization." The service of reproductive technologies has been practicing the principle of national guidance and personal willingness. People from all ethnic groups, including the Uygur people, are enjoying the right of informed consent of contraceptive methods. Our country has clearly forbidden the practice of late-stage abortion, forced birth control and forced pregnancy check and other illegal actions. The method of they use to avoid pregnancy and whether they have taken contraceptive measures are all decided by the personal willingness of the individual for people from all ethnic groups. There's not problems like "forced sterilization". Besides, the center only provides collective dormitories, and how could that be possible anyway? These sayings are all ridiculous.

The fourth is that the lie that "the students of the vocational education and training center suffered from forced labor" was quite suspicious. The students were actually learning techniques and conduct operations of real practices instead of making products. The things they made are not goods at all. There's no such thing as "forced labor". Yet, some people should connect the technique learning of students with the labor activities in some other enterprises and factories, which is nothing but an intention of saying the vocational education and training center having "forced labor". This is totally a made-up concept.

The fifth is that the "racial extinction" associated with Xinjiang is the biggest framing case in the history of humanity. We have introduced many times that in the recent years, the total population, minority population and Uygur population of Xinjiang have been growing continuously. The growth rate of Uygur population is not only higher than that of the whole population in Xinjiang, but also higher than that of other ethnic minorities and significantly higher than that of Han nationality. The specific data has been introduced to you several times before. The seventh national census data are also being published in succession. Please pay attention to it. It is normal for Xinjiang to have a little fluctuation in population situation in some years, so it is unnecessary to make some unprofitable speculation. May I ask, is there such a racial extinction" in the world?

Actually, America and Britain are the countries that have committed to "racial extinction". In the history of America, Americans committed to systematic racial purge and massacre on Indians, and their action led to the plunge of Indian population from 5,000,000 in 1492 to 250,000 in the beginning of 20th Century. In 1804, the British started to insanely kill the locals after their settlement in Australia. In 1901, when it was the time for the establishment of Australian Federation, the 300,000 locals of Australia was decreased to only about 60,000. All Chinese people remember that the Western powers like the America and the Britain has invaded China for several times and they have committed to serious crimes ever since 1840. Their hands were washed with the blood of Chinese people. Now, they even dream of charging China of "racial extinction" by using fake "court”. This has gone against the objective facts and this is also extremely disgraceful!This is my personal perspective on these issues. They are presented to you as references.

Bi Haibo: I'm thankful to the introdcution of the situation made by Xu Guixiang, the spokesman of the government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, together with the fellow guests. Just now, Xinjiang has broken the lie by using fresh truths in terms of the so-called "Uygur Tribunal" and some other situations. Now, let's move on to the question section. Due to the time limit, we have offered three chances to raise questions in order to maintain fairness. One is for Chinese journalists. The other is for the journalists from Hongkong and Macao. The last one is for the foreign journalists.

Bloomberg question: Mr. Xu, you mentioned that China is the benchmark for responding to terrorism. Other countries in the world can learn a lot from it. Can you provide a specific introduction of what specific measures China has taken should be made as reference?

Xu Guixiang: Thank you for your question. To start with, terrorism and extremism have brought great catastrophe for people in many countries in the world. So, it is a common subject and a worldwide problem for all mankind to fight terrorism and eliminate the harm of extremism. Xinjiang has also made active exploration in these aspects. I think this exploration is of profound significance and can be summarized. Of course, we also welcome other countries facing the same problems to learn something from. I have been to some countries and regions. I have also made some exchanges around counter-terrorism and de-extremization issues, and we have been learning some experiences and practices in other places.

Xinjiang's practice, in summary, is to hold the banner of the rule of law high. Xinjiang's anti-terrorism and de-extremization work has been carried out on the track of the rule of law, including strictly following the Chinese Constitution and the spirit of anti-terrorism law. Xinjiang has also formulated specific measures for the implementation of the anti-terrorism law, and the Truth and Lie-The Documentary of Vocational education and Training in Xinjiang. Only by fighting terrorist and extremist forces according to law can we occupy the greatest advantage and occupy the commanding point of morality. The second is to crack down on terrorism and extremism. Because terrorism and extremism are the public enemies of mankind, they are anti-human, anti-social and anti-civilization. If we don't punish these terrorist forces and extremist forces, it will be tantamount to connivance and disregard the safety of people's lives and property. I think that, as an injured country or as other countries, there should be a high degree of consistency in this regard. The strict measures taken in Xinjiang in this regard have proved to be very effective. The third point is the guidance and education. Because in Xinjiang, especially in South Xinjiang, many people have not been very familiar with what religion is and what is the extreme thought in the clothing of religion because of the long-term penetration of extremism. Many people are affected by extremism and even participate in violent and terrorist activities. For these people, if we have follow some Western ideas, we can simply get them into prison. But we believe that these people are also victims, so we take measures of educational transformation to save them. I think that setting up more education and training centers means less prisons; To educate one more student means having one less criminal. In the past, we used to say one thing: "extreme thoughts have turned them from human beings to ghosts.". Now it's the training center that lets them "turn from ghosts to people" and return to life in the sunshine.

I think the above experiences and practices are worth studying, worthy of reference and worth pondering. We are discussing these issues repeatedly, and hope that we can all objectively and rationally view Xinjiang's anti-terrorism and de-extremization work. Maybe it is not perfect. However, the beneficial experiences and practices of Xinjiang have made real achievements in front of us. We should take these problems seriously, think, summarize and then spread them. That's what we should work together to do.

Bloomberg: You just mentioned that these practices in Xinjiang are a kind of useful exploration. Do you mean that China may adopt some other approaches in the future in anti-terrorism?

Xu Guixiang: I believe measures like setting up vocational education and training center are actually a phased and centralized education. This is also the measure taken when Xinjiang was faced with frequent violent and terrorist activities in the past, a large number of people were brutalized at that time. But it is a long-term work with extensive reference value because it is in line with the reality of Xinjiang and the law of anti-terrorism and de-radicalization. Now there has been no violent terrorist case (incidents) in Xinjiang for more than four years, which has a lot to do with the measures we have taken. In the long run, anti-terrorism and de radicalization are long-term problems for Xinjiang, China, as well as for many countries and regions in the world.

As a saying goes in China: “The trees may prefer calm but the wind will not subside”. Although there has been no violent terrorist cases (incidents) in Xinjiang for more than four years, it does not mean that everything is well and propitious, and it does not mean that there will be no risk of violent terrorism anymore. I don't know if you have noticed that CGTN (China Global Television Network) has recently broadcast four documentaries on Xinjiang's anti-terrorism and de-radicalization. Among them, "The War in the Shadows: Challenges of Fighting Terrorism in Xinjiang", which was broadcast recently, describes in detail that Xinjiang still faces problems and risks in the process of anti-terrorism and de-radicalization. This is true. What is more, the risk and challenge will present new characteristics in the future. China’s policies of anti-terrorism and de-radicalization will also be continuously perfected with the development of practice and the improvement of anti-terrorism situation, so that they will conform to the anti-terrorism situation even more and bring greater effect. Eradicating terrorism and extremism is not only the ultimate gaol but also our common aspiration. So in this respect, I think we can all learn from each other and exchange experience.

Bi Haibo: Thank you for your questions. It is a pity that time is limited, so we can have a further exchange afterwards if you have other questions. But now, let us give time to other media reporters.

Radio Television Hong Kong: How do you do, I am a reporter from Radio Television Hong Kong. There is a group named “Uygur Human Rights Act”, who released a report that claimed since 2014, China has arrested Imams of Uygur and other minority Muslims in Xinjiang, and has detained at least 600 Imams and other Islamic religious staff. What is your response to that?

Xu Guixiang: I do not know what is the basis of the number (600). But if they can provide a list, we will be willing to verify it. Now I would like to ask Mr. Elijan Anayt to answer this question

Elijan Anayat: With the guidance of Chinese laws and regulations, Xinjiang has been managing religious affairs, protecting freedom of religious belief and ensuring the orderly conduct of ordinary religious activities in accordance with the principles of "protecting legality, stopping illegality, curbing extremism, resisting infiltration and cracking down on crimes". Besides, Xinjiang has accelerated local legislation, publishing and revising Regulations of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region on Religious Affairs, Interim Rules for the Administration of Places on Religious Activities, Interim Provisions on Administration of Religious Activities, and the Interim Provisions on Administration of Religious Staff, which have clarified the rights and obligations of religious groups, places for religious activities, and religious staff.

All ordinary religious activities are fully guaranteed in Xinjiang. According to the doctrines, religious rules and traditional customs, Muslims of all ethnic groups can carry out religious activities in mosques and in their own houses in full accordance with their personal wishes. Besides, the publication of Islamic classics is also well protected. The publication of Islamic classics has been fully guaranteed. The Islamic Religious Affairs Directing Committee of Xinjiang has translated the classics of Islam such as the Koran and Al-Buhari's Hadith into Chinese, Uygur, Kazakh and Kirghiz for publishing, which broaden the ways for religious people to obtain religious knowledge. In addition, the development of Islamic talent team has also been fully ensured. There are 10 Islamic Institutes in Xinjiang, namely the College of Xinjiang Islamic Institute and its 8 branches, and Xinjiang Islamic School of Sutras. These schools recruit undergraduate students, junior college students and technical secondary school students according to the demand, which enables Islam to be passed on in a healthy and orderly way. Also, the right of religious circles to participate in the administration and discussion of sate affairs has also been ensured. More than 1000 religious people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are now serving as representatives and members of People's Congresses and Political Consultative Conferences at all levels, fulfilling their rights of participating in the administration and discussion of sate affairs and conducting democratic supervision.

It’s noteworthy that those individual criminals already punished by law are neither disciples nor religious clerics. In the cloak of religion, they preach religious extremism, engage in secessionist, infiltrative, vandalism activities. They are downright terrorist criminals. They took advantage of religious followers’ ingenuous sentiment to spread extremism, arbitrarily distorted doctrine and canon, abducted religion with extremism. They instigated the overthrow of government, and tried to establish a country ruled by religious canon. They denied all secular ideas and achievements of modern civilization, advocate the so-called "jihad martyrdom into heaven", and maim the so-called "heretics" and "traitors", playing havoc with normal local religious activities. The honest disciples with integrity were expelled and persecuted. A large number of innocent religious were contaminated and shackled by the malady of extremism. Their life severely disrupted, social and economic development encumbered seriously.

China is a country ruled by law. No people, place or religion can evade the jurisdiction of law. Anyone, regardless of ethnicity or belief, must be punished if he violates the law.

Bi Haibo: Thanks for Mr. Elijan Anayt.Next, questions from reporters.

Question by Xinhua News Agency: Recently, some countries passed resolutions concerning Xinjiang, saying that there is "forced labor" in Xinjiang. What's your response to this?

Xu Guixiang: I'll answer this question. First, There has never been "forced labor" in Xinjiang, let alone "genocide", all of which are blatant lies, instead of the realities of Xinjiang. In fact, many foreign friends who have visited Xinjiang in person said the moment they stepped off the plane, they are convinced that remarks from Western anti-China forces are nothing but lies. Xinjiang keeps stable and harmonious. The smiles on the face of people of all nationalities are the most lively and telling evidence that cannot be feigned. Second, some countries adopted so-called Xinjiang-related resolutions at will to flatter the United States. They made hasty moves and decisions based on make-believe facts and misinformation fabricated by some Western politicians, pseudo-scholars, hypocritical media. Such unscientific, sloppy and irresponsible move is a sign of mental deficiency. I’d like to offer my advice to those countries. What are the benefits of following America? What has America brought to other countries? For politician in those countries, I suggest you keep you mind clear and watch carefully American’s actions. Don’t help others at your won expense. Don’t cut your own meat to feed the vicious beast. Third, the so-called “Xinjiang-related issues” are not about human rights, religion or ethnic at all. In Xinjiang, human rights, freedom of religious belief and other rights are guaranteed to the full. The actual Xinjiang-related issues are essentially about how to combat terrorism, infiltration, secession, and foreign interference. They concern China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and national interests. On this issue, China will never make concessions. We will resolutely defend our country’s sovereignty and security, resolutely maintain stability and peace and order in Xinjiang in the long run. We will unswervingly confront anti-China forces to the end. We urge some countries to return to the right path of reasonableness, to view Xinjiang-related issues with rational and objective eyes, and not to go further and further down the wrong track.

British Independent Television News Asia: The "Uygur Court" has not opened yet and we has yet seen much information. Why did you hold this press conference in advance?

Xu Guixiang: This so-called "court" is itself illegal. Organizing such a "court" is totally a farce. The international community has formulated the clear definitions, strict identification body, and strict procedures for concluding the crime of "genocide". They simply do not have this qualification. Genocide never happens in Xinjiang. Assembling such a court to accuse Xinjiang is despicable, misleading the international community. We hold this conference in order to speak out the truth and prevent the international community from being deceived and manipulated. So that the public can examine and make just judgement on Xinjiang issues in an objective, impartial and rational way.

British Independent Television News Asia: Today you published the information of 14 people. What do you think of the "testimony" of these people?

Xu Guixiang: We infer that it is these "actors" who serve as witnesses in the so-called "Uygur Tribunal". Those depraved habitual liars. They jump up and down in the international community to stir up confusion. They engage in so-called "proving" activities everywhere. They have betrayed their motherland, turn their back on the nation, and spoiled their own personality. Is there any credibility in words of people of their kind?

British Independent Television News Asia: Will you hold similar press conference after the court session?

Xu Guixiang: It depends on the next move of this so-called "court." If they turn a deaf ear to our warnings and cling obstinately to their clumsy performance, we will hold alike conference duly to counterattack.

Bi Haibo: Thank you, Mr. Xu Guixiang for your answer. This concludes today's press conference. In the future, we will hold such press conferences in due course, and friends from journalists are welcome to attend again. thank you all!

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