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Notice on Entry of Third-Country Travelers through Direct Flights to Beijing
2021-01-30 03:50

In order to prevent the import of overseas Covid-19 epidemic to the utmost extent, the relevant Beijing authorities have recently decided to strictly control the entry of third-country travelers through direct international flights.

According to the above decision, passengers on international direct flights to Beijing from Canada shall be Canadian citizens and Chinese citizens in Canada. The Chinese Embassy and Consulate-Generals in Canada will not issue green health codes for travelers who intend to take a direct flight to Beijing if they could not meet the requirements. Relevant airlines shall remind and discourage third-country travelers from transiting to Beijing in Canada during ticket sales and check-in. Third-country transit travelers will not be allowed to check in or board the direct flight to Beijing. Before boarding, all passengers must fill in the "Commitment Letter of Taking a Flight to Beijing" provided by the airline, and bear relevant legal responsibilities for concealing information such as travel history and health status.

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