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A Statement by the Spokesperson of Chinese Consulate General in Toronto on the Concerned Racial Discrimination Game
2017-09-30 05:44

Recently, a Markham based company developed a game, which is full of racism and discrimination against the Chinese. The Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Toronto strongly condemns such an irresponsible and discriminatory behaviour.

We are aware that Canada is a multicultural society, and Ontario, especially Markham, is home to many Chinese and Chinese enterprises, who make great contribution to and win respect by the local communities. Any society with equity and justice, and anyone with a sense of morality and conscience will not tolerate the racism and discrimination.

The concerned company is demanded to immediately stop developing and selling the game, remove it from the internet, and make a formal apology publicly. At the same time, we expect the local authorities to strengthen supervision, and take measures to stop the acts of racial discrimination above.

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